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Review about Spectrum homestay Chikmagalur
A journey to Chikmagalur(Nov-2010)
Overview of the destination
We went to Chikmagalur on Christmas of December 2009. We stayed in Kadur. On our way to Chikmagalur, we visited Sravanabelagola which has the Mahaveer temple. If you are interested in seeing old temples and historic places you can drop down to this place. We also visited Halebidu on our way. It's also having a an old temple. We started on 24th Dec night and reached Kadur in the evening of 25th Dec.On our way we visited the above 2 places.We stayed in Hotel Nasa Inn booked from internet. We took rest that night and on 26th dec we went for sight seeing(described below). On 27th Dec, we visited Hebbe Falls which is must visit place if you are adventurous and want to enjoy a trek in the hills. We started for Bangalore on that day only and reached Bangalore in the night.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping
Food was nice in the restaurant attached to the hotel in Kadur. The hotel is an economy one charging Rs.550 per day. On 26th we visited Kemmangundi Hills, Baba Budan giri, Kalathgiri or Kalahatti Falls, Bhadra Dam etc. And retired to hotel in the evening around 7 P.M. On 27th we just planned to visit Hebbe Falls, the road is very bad and you need to board the jeep to go there. We had Qualis, however except jeep you cannot go there. So getting into 1 jeep was time consuming. We were 6 people. So around 2 p.m we got one jeep and went there. We had a bath in the falls after trekking down, crossing 3 streams. Oh, it was slippery and we have to be very careful to cross them. But it was wonderful and refreshing to get a bath over there, its quite a good experience. On our way back, it was already 5:30 p.m, going to be dark, and also it was raining heavily, we had our tire punctured. And it was a funny scene. The road is terrific and only one vehicle can go, there are turning points from where 2 vehicles can pass but they are very few. So if any vehicle comes on our way either one has to go back to give another vehicle space.S o all the vehicles were jammed and there is a long que in the hill because of our vehicle. So many people got down there to help our vehicle move so that the road gets free. It was already 6 p.m. And ultimately the tyre was replaced and we reached Kemmangundi. We changed our dress in the Qualis. It was already dark and around &p.m. We were damn hungry. We ate snacks there and started for Bangalore. We ate dinner on our way at 8:30 P.M.

Activities & things to do
Trek, bath in the falls, enjoy scenic beauty.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc.
Best is to take your own vehicle or rent a car. Its best if you go with your friends because it is not for leisure or relaxation. Its for trekking/going around/have fun. So enjoy traveling Chikmagalur.
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